Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Dear Slaves!

Sawadee ka!

Welcome to my website. I am Mistress Christy, Bangkok's foremost specialist in the art of erotic domination, fantasy and role-play.I am a lifestyle dominant Thai woman. I have been into the scene for more than ten years professionally.On your knees!

I take absolute delight in forcing you to be my plaything and I will bring you to a place where you have only dreamed of going as a submissive... a place where deep in your heart you know you belong.... beneath my pretty feet and under my control completely.

I seek slaves, submissives and fetishists who can appreciate a very special Mistress.... those who will take sincere joy in the divine privilege of serving and worshipping me.

If you want to play and play hard, just step inside and find out how to really have fun in Bangkok!

Many people ask themselves why a Thai Lady would be interested in domination and BDSM ? They believe that Ladies from Thailand are submissive. Let me surprise you and tell you I am a person who is NOT...

In 1997 I discovered the concept of BDSM in Thailand 's first dungeon. The moment I held a whip for the first time and started to use it on a slave I became very wet and happy to control and torture a man. After that experience I read many books about BDSM and dominance, which made me understand that not all people have the same feelings about domination. There are a wide variety of subordinate males.

Now after years of playing I know exactly what i want and that is to humiliate and torture you in all the different ways possible, and I like to have many slaves to serve me or be whatever i tell them to be. I get also very bitchy and angry when you cannot please me in my demands, so you better do your best or see what happens.

I can play at any level I need to, depending upon the experience and limits of the submissive. I have a sincere passion for BDSM in its entirety. My range of play is extensive. Whether your desire or focus is to be tortured, restrained, suffer corporal discipline, indulge your fetishes, get in touch with your feminine side, endure heartless humiliation, receive a true mind fuck, or experience true edge play or genuine hard-core SM, I will guide you through your explorations.

My dominant style is one that is seductive and erotic in nature, in combination with sensual and sadistic applications and administrations. I can be strict, sadistic, domineering even condescending or a compassionate, caring and playful Mistress. I am a Mistress who is very diverse, imaginative and can also be quite devious. I can adopt many personas depending on my mood. I expect a submissive to be able to express and articulate what their personal needs and expectations are from a Mistress. Your limits are respected but understand that I prefer a submissive who is responsive physically and mentally and one who is open minded about exploring and expanding their limitations to some degree.